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Tanning business set to welcome customers next month


The Tanning Room is set to open next month.

Work is currently underway at the new tanning salon at Five Valleys Shopping Centre.

The Tanning Room was formed ten years ago by sisters Victoria Gordon and Jaine Buxton. They opened their first store in Witney with the goal of opening ten successful tanning shops across the country. They are well underway with achieving this goal now opening their sixth store at Five Valleys.

The new store will benefit from receiving The Tanning Room’s most expensive fit-out to date, home to the best tanning technology on the market. The sun beds are being custom made abroad to ensure customers receive the best experience when using the salon, which will be opening in March. 

DSC9624 | Tanning business set to welcome customers next month
Almost ready… Victoria Gordon inside the Tanning Room which is being fitted out. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

Victoria Gordan, co-owner of The Tanning Room, said: “Our top priority is to provide our customers with ultimate satisfaction and the best customer service. We do this by carefully selecting a team of highly trained staff who are always on hand to advise customers on how to get the best tan safely.”

Customers can expect to find top of the range sunbeds including the Mega Sun 7800, and newest to the market, the Luxura Vegaz, which is both grand in design and size. This luxurious sunbed uses innovative light technology allowing customers to tan quickly and safely, as well as including multiple features such as surround sound, Bluetooth and climate control providing the best experience possible.

As well as premium tanning technology, The Tanning Room will also be offering collagen light therapy via their Mega Sun Mon Amie sunbed, which helps to repair skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, uneven skin tones and helps with skin elasticity. Collagen red-light therapy can also help with muscle tension and repair as well as replenishing your body’s energy, making it beneficial to use before and after exercise. 

DSC9644 | Tanning business set to welcome customers next month
The Tanning Room at Five Valleys Shopping Centre.

Centre Manager for Five Valleys, Jack Simpson, said: “It is great to see this level of investment in Five Valleys. The salon is coming along really nicely and we are over the moon to welcome The Tanning Room team to the centre.” 

What sets The Tanning Room apart from other salons is that their stores are always manned with a team of staff who ensure customers have access to the best help and advice when needed. The Tanning Room customers benefit from being able to purchase bundle deals online allowing them to access a convenient booking system. 

The Tanning Room stocks a variety of in-store premium products, which cannot be found in other high street stores, following the company’s recently launched holiday shop range. This range includes high SPF products and items for customers to use at home.

A team of 4 employees have already been recruited and are currently undergoing training ready for the salons opening next month.

To find out more about the prices and services offered at the Tanning Room or to find out more about joining the team, visit www.tanningroom.co.uk and to keep up to date with news and events at Five Valleys go to www.fivevalleysstroud.co.uk. 

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