Tea duels and a Thunderbuss: steampunk returns to Stroud


Stroud Steampunk Saturday took place in Stratford Park today after being forced to miss a year in 2020 due to Covid restrictions.

Visitors had the chance to listen to talks at the Museum in the Park and take part in events such as Mini Cheese Rolling and Tea Duelling.

Visitors to Steampunk Saturday, Llynette and Peter Watts, Matt Harrison and Fran Race. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

Organiser John Bassett explained the unusual sport: “It involves two people sitting opposite one another with cups of tea and a malted milk biscuit. The biscuit is dunked and the participants hold onto it – the first to fall off loses, although there are more detailed rules than that.”

Professor Elemental gave a talk at the Museum in the Park. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

Steampunk is described as ‘a style of literature, music, dress, or performance that is inspired by a combination of Victorian and futuristic ideals.’

Tara Thomas and Sophie Laing. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

“This is kind of a national event, people come from all over the country in all manner of weird and wonderful costumes,” added John.

Stroud authors Tom and Nimue Brown have published a series of graphic novels, Hopeless, Maine. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

There was an authors’ tent and during the day talks were given by Tom and Nimue Brown, Keith Healing, Paul Eccentric and Ian Crichton. There was also a market in the park’s bandstand.

Organiser of Stroud Steampunk Saturday, John Bassett. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

Professor Elemental entertained visitors outside the museum in the evening musical entertainment was provided by the Ominous Folk of Hopeless Maine and Gloucester-based Way Out West’s Infernal Machine.

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