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Video: fighting to save The Heavens


A meeting will take place at Stroud Subscription Rooms on Monday, March 25th, organised by The Heavens Valley Action Group (HVAG).

The group issued a statement, saying: ‘The 100-acre land around Thrupp Farm in Stroud (known as The Heavens Valley) has been rumoured for some time to be likely to be put up for sale.

‘A working group (the Heavens Valley Action Group) was formed towards the end of 2023 to research options, should a sale be confirmed, to preserve public access to the land, nurture its unique biodiversity and protect it from inappropriate development. The group is also exploring possible options for purchasing the land to bring it into community ownership.

DSC7477 | Video: fighting to save The Heavens
The Heavens. Pic: Hannah Bigwood.

‘The group consists of local councillors for the wards concerned, and residents with a particular knowledge of the Heavens and/or expertise in aspects such as biodiversity, public rights of way and land management. Group members also include representatives of outside organisations with an interest in nature conservation.

‘The group’s mission statement is: “To protect and enhance the environmentally and socially important area known as the Heavens Valley. We aim to ensure it flourishes for the benefit of both nature and the whole community of Stroud, through stewardship on our own or with complementary partners.”

‘The protection of the valley and maintaining public access are goals that have the support of, among others, Stroud Valleys Project, the National Trust, the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trusts, the Council for the Preservation of Rural England and Stroud Common Wealth.

‘Stroud Town Council and Brimscombe & Thrupp Parish Council, plus councillors from Stroud District Council, are supportive of the action group.

Heavens 2 sml | Video: fighting to save The Heavens

‘We have now been reliably informed that the land will be placed on the market in March and HVAG will be holding a public meeting to explain the situation in more depth and seek resident support and involvement for some form of community purchase.

‘The meeting will take place at the Subscription Rooms on Monday March 25 at 7.30 (doors open from 7): https://www.facebook.com/events/747307857498991/

‘HVAG coordinator Karen Thomas said: “The Heavens is a well-loved site, used for decades by walkers, dog owners, families and other members of the community. We will take every opportunity to preserve the natural landscape of this beautiful area and ensure that public access is protected.”’

The group has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HeavensValleyActionGroup

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