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Volunteering for Meningitis Now has been a life-saving move


A former university student who suffered life-threatening meningitis, is urging people to consider volunteering for Stroud-based charity Meningitis Now.

Charles contracted viral meningitis while at university. The support he received from Meningitis Now helped him build confidence and as a volunteer he feels he can make a positive impact that will save lives.  

While at university Charles developed many symptoms of meningitis which he ignored because he didn’t know a lot about the disease. He made a phone call to his mother who knew something was wrong – and then he collapsed. His mother called an ambulance, and the paramedics kicked the door down to save his life.  

After being discharged from hospital Charles found Meningitis Now and called to speak to a nurse who gave him some great advice and reassured him. Charles has since become a volunteer ambassador and helped at university stands and fundraising events. He’s also raises awareness at universities, care homes and sixth-form colleges. Charles explained: “You can never do too little, as much time as you have is always needed. It’s so rewarding, you’ve achieved something each day and are helping to save lives. I wish that I had spoken to someone with lived meningitis experience before I had it because it would have helped.” 

Meningitis Now’s volunteers are determined to raise awareness of how quickly meningitis can strike – and how devastating the consequences can be. Every talk they give and event they take part in all have the potential to be lifesaving. This National Volunteers Week Meningitis Now asks that anyone interested in volunteering to raise awareness contact the volunteer team at: volunteerdevelopment@meningitisnow.org  Meningitis Now also urges anyone concerned about the impact of meningitis to contact their nurse-led Helpline on 0808 80 10 388 or email helpline@meningitisnow.org.

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