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Where to find free drinking water in Stroud


With temperatures reaching life-threatening levels, Refill Stroud have issued advice on how to find free drinking water.

The award Refill app maps over 50 locations around the town centre and nearly 100 across the wider district where you can refill your water bottle for free.

The Met Office has issued amber extreme heat weather warning as temperatures are predicted to rise over this weekend. This indicates that adverse weather conditions could pose a threat of potentially serious illness or danger to life if people don’t take sensible measures to stay cool. Medical professionals such as The London Ambulance Service are encouraging people to download the Refill app in hot weather.

It is advised that residents should carry their own refillable bottles and sip water throughout the day. A number of local businesses including Star Anise café, Museum in the Park and Falafel Mama have all signed up to give away free tap water to anyone in need of a refill. Residents can find their nearest refill station by downloading the Refill app which will automatically show people their nearest refill points.

Claudi Williams, co-founder of Refill Stroud and Stroud District Action on Plastic said: “Refill Stroud was originally established to help connect people to places to they could tap water on the go for free. This is going to be needed this weekend more than ever, as temperatures go sky high. I’m proud that there are nearly 100 places across the Stroud District that have signed up to offer free water refills – this is a great way for businesses to help people stay hydrated, stay safe and avoid pointless single-use plastic.”  

Green Party Stroud District Council Cllr for The Stanleys, Steve Hynd (who is also the Policy Manager at City to Sea, the charity behind the Refill campaign), said: “As Stroud District heats up this weekend it is important residents know where to access free drinking water to stay hydrated and to stay safe. Small regular sips of water are going to be key as temperatures could soar above 30 degrees. The Refill app lets people do this without buying expensive and polluting single-use plastic water bottles.”

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