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50,000-year-old visitor is star of museum’s exhibition


The Museum in the Park’s latest exhibition Ice Age opened last month and has already proved popular with visitors keen to find out more about life and landscape in the Stroud Valleys some 35,000 years ago.

This week a new star exhibit has joined the exhibition in the museum in Stratford Park, Stroud. Museum staff have been able to secure the loan of one only a handful of intact mammoth skulls ever found in this country – and it’s a truly remarkable sight.

DSC05415 | 50,000-year-old visitor is star of museum's exhibition
The woolly mammoth skull was discovered in 2004.

Generously loaned to the museum by Moreton C. Cullimore (Gravels) Ltd, the skull was found in a quarrying site at Ashton Keynes in 2004. It is thought to have belonged to a female Woolly Mammoth that roamed the area some 50,000 years ago, and who was around 40 years old at the time of her death.

The Ice Age exhibition runs until Sunday, March 27th at the Museum in the Park, free entry.

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