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Acclaimed film to be screened in Stroud


A highly acclaimed film about a Scottish river is being screened in Stroud, tonight.

The Severn Vale Catchment Partnership will present an evening of beautiful cinematography when they show the spectacular film Riverwoods, powerfully narrated by Peter Capaldi; there are many parallels with the River Frome, which flows through Stroud.

Following the film, which is being shown at Stroud Brewery, discussion will take a local turn, exploring how collaboration, connectivity, and community action are vital to the people and wildlife who rely on the Frome.

The Severn Vale Catchment Partnership, a group of over 100 members, including conservation organisations, local authorities, recreational groups, and water companies, invites viewers to discuss the future of the Frome and how local communities can influence the conservation of our rivers.

Riverwoods poster | Acclaimed film to be screened in Stroud

“With waterways in the news for all the wrong reasons, this is a very timely exploration of the way people power may be able to guide the management of rivers in a more positive direction,” says Clare Mahdiyone of Stroud Valleys Project, a member of the partnership. “As the stewards of the River Frome as it flows through the centre of Stroud, we’re keen to hear public ideas about how we can work together to improve this richly biodiverse ecosystem, for wildlife and for the people of Stroud.”

Finalised in January 2023, the Severn Vale Catchment Partnership’s Wilder Frome Vision and Strategic Action Plan will act as a guide for improving the health of the Frome. A series of ambitious projects are being planned that will allow fish to migrate more easily, support farmers to move towards regenerative farming practices, and work with local communities to monitor and clean up the river.

All profits from ticket sales will be used to fund projects that support the Wilder Frome vision. Tickets are £2.50 – buy tickets for Riverwoods screening at Stroud Brewery here.

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