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Appeal for missing parrot Alfie from Avening


A desperate plea has gone out for the return of a beloved pet parrot, who escaped last week.

Alfie, a 10-year-old African grey parrot, flew away from his home in Rectory Lane in Avening on Wednesday lunchtime.

He was last seen on Saturday night at Gatcombe, flying in the direction of Avening.

A friend of the owner, Rose Dressel, told Stroud Times: “We’ve had sightings daily, but haven’t been able to get him down from high trees. Tree surgeons have tried, but it scared him off.”

Alfile has been heard whistling, imitating other birds, dog barking, laughing and saying his own name and shouting ‘hello’.

Rose hopes he will be captured soon and returned to his owner: “He will have difficulty knowing how to fly steeply down, they don’t learn this living in homes. That’s why we haven’t been able to get him down from high trees. The hope is he will fly across and land somewhere we can actually get to him.”

If you spot Alfie please call Libby on 07776 344 310.

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