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Are you dull enough to listen to a new podcast series?


A new podcast has just launched on Spotify, Apple and Amazon Podcasts which is the brainchild of a team based in and around Stroud.  The Dull Man’s Podcast is a humorous and entertaining look at ordinary everyday (dull) things and our reaction and interactions with them.

The team behind the podcast include Gloucestershire-based stand-up comedian Demitris Deech, ex-BBC presenter Faye Hatcher and ex-BBC producer Dave Harries.

“It’s a podcast aimed at everyone who’s interested in, or affected by the ordinary”, said producer, Dave Harries.

“In other words, everyone can relate to the things we talk about and have a good laugh about them too”.

The first few episodes, for example, cover subjects as diverse as the dullest gifts you can give or receive, the origins of paper clips, colour coded wheelie bins, the smell of vacuum cleaners, fish and chips, flags, washing lines, cable ties and builders’ radios.

“We aim to celebrate the ordinary with humour and even interesting facts”, says comedian Demitris Deech, “after all, most of life is funny if you look at it the right way and we certainly find the humour in everything that gets discussed on the podcast”.

The podcasts have all been recorded in Stroud at Get It Together and DB Studios. Faye Hatcher said: “We could have gone to glamorous studio locations in London or New York, but instead we opted for our hometown of Stroud, not dull or ordinary, but definitely a lot cheaper!”

If you’d like to listen to The Dull Man’s Podcast, It’s available now on Spotify, Amazon and Apple podcasts as well as most other podcast providers.

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