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Author fears Stroud will become ‘Chelsea in the Cotswolds’


Andrew Fraser, author of the book Invisible: a diary of rough sleeping in Britain will speak at Stroud’s Sub Rooms this evening, December 1st.

His experiences whilst rough sleeping for five years form the basis of the book, and he examines the impact of ‘gentrification’ on towns and the subsequent surge in rent and house prices.

“By my estimation Stroud is about five years from becoming the complete social calamity that is London and Brighton, not to mention Manchester and our other ‘regenerated’ cities. And I don’t really see anything that can be done to stop it,” said Andrew.

An award-winning short film of Andrew’s book, No Change, will be shown this evening. For tickets visit: How To Be Invisible: A Rat’s Eye View of Life on The Streets | What’s On | The Sub Rooms

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