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Buzzing: Stroud charity is a hive of activity


A Stroud-based charity created a buzz earlier in July when they discovered a bee hive at one of the sites they manage. 

Stroud Valleys Project (SVP) has transformed the area known as Capel’s Mill, below the viaduct near Dr Newton’s Way; the area was once a landfill site and is now a haven for nature, with willow bowers, a wildlife pond, and wildflower meadows.

Fred Miller, who manages the site for SVP, explains, “We discovered the bees had taken up residence in a composting container at Capel’s Mill, close to an area where people regularly walk, cycle and relax.

“We opened the container to reveal honeycombs hanging from the lid, beautiful with their hexagonal cells… although we did beat a hasty retreat! Beekeeper Peter Lead, who also runs our Buzz Club sessions for pre-schoolers, came along and arranged for the colony to be moved, which involved detaching the composter lid and making a specially fitted wooden box to go on top.”

Once the box was fitted, Peter and Fred left it overnight so the bees could move from the hive into the box. The bees emerged from their hexagonal cells by chewing through the waxy coating on top, making their way into the box before they were transported to a less public location where they can thrive.

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