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Caught on camera: Swampy scales Marble Arch in Extinction Rebellion protest


Stroud photographer Simon Pizzey documented the recent Extinction Rebellion protest in London.

On Saturday, April 16th, environmental activist Daniel Mark Hooper – aka Swampy – scaled Marble Arch along with a fellow climber to hang a giant banner that read ‘End fossil fuels now’, shortly before 6pm. Hundreds of people from Extinction Rebellion blocked the junction at Marble Arch.

The banner drop marked the close of a week of Extinction Rebellion actions in central London which have seen the convergence of environmental groups around a demand for an immediate end to all new fossil fuel projects. The Just Stop Oil Coalition, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are among those who have been calling for an end to fossil fuels, as well as intergovernmental organisations such as the United Nations and the International Energy Agency.

On a road next to Marble Arch, a group of eight activists locked themselves on to a car while two glued themselves to the roof.

Extinction Rebellion was co-founded in Stroud by Gail Bradbrook

Pictures and videos: Simon Pizzey

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