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Charity TIC+ launches vital mental health service for young people


Gloucestershire charity TIC+ has launched InTER-ACT, a free online support programme for young people in the county who are struggling with managing difficult thoughts and feelings. 

One in six young people are diagnosed with a mental health issue and with huge demands on the county’s mental health provision, InTER-ACT is a series of three, live-streamed sessions aimed at young people aged nine to 25-years old providing them with useful skills and tips.

Designed by clinical psychologists using proven therapeutic techniques, InTER-ACT helps young people to work through and learn new ways of managing difficult or troubling thoughts and feelings.

The online sessions are delivered live over ZOOM incorporating a combination of slides, videos and quizzes, and is an ideal programme for young people who haven’t engaged with counselling before or for those on a waiting list. Participants videos and microphones will be turned off at all times, but they will be able to private message the presenters with their own questions.

Judith Bell, director of clinical services at TIC+ said: “We have launched InTER-ACT as a first step for young people who are struggling with their mental health. We anticipate that for many participants, this programme will provide all of the support that they need at that time. For others who will go on to engage in counselling, InTER-ACT will have prepared and equipped them with helpful information and strategies so that they can make the most of their counselling sessions. 

“The online, live-stream sessions allow us to provide more young people with access to mental health support quickly giving them vital coping mechanisms to aid their wellbeing.”

Streamed across three weekly sessions, InTER-ACT explores key topics: ‘Thoughts are just thoughts’ identifying why thoughts can be so negative and how to untangle the mind from worst-case scenarios; ‘Connecting to the Moment’ learning techniques to connect with the present and not drift back to the past or jump to the future and ‘Taking Steps Towards What Matters’ to discuss values and how to move towards them.

To take part in the next InTER-ACT programme or to find out more, please register on the TIC+ website: https://www.ticplus.org.uk/.

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