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Cheers: organic tap takeover at Stroud Brewery


Stroud Brewery is celebrating Organic September with an organic tap takeover.

Although stocking local organic cider and locally produced and ethically grown wine from Woodchester Valley The brewery tap usually only stocks its own range of organic beers, brewed in its own adjacent brewery.

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However, for this September we wanted to salute the handful of breweries across the UK that source and pay more for their ingredients to support sustainable organic farming in the UK.

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Stroud Brewery tap has started serving organic beers from breweries including Little Valley, Black Isle, Atlantic, Exeter, and Gilt & Flint, to name a few – come along to see what’s on the bar.

Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming, which include supporting biodiversity and wildlife, helping to combat climate change and seeing the highest standards of animal welfare.

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Organic farmers do not use artificial pesticides and herbicides, but work within the natural system to manage their farms. Organic farms capture carbon in the soil through increased organic matter and we see higher levels of  wildlife on the farms with up to 75% more insects than conventional farms.”

IMG 1028 | Cheers: organic tap takeover at Stroud Brewery

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