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Cheques out: SDC says no to cheque payments


A pensioner insists he can no longer pay bills to the Stroud District Council after a payment policy change.

The council no longer accepts payment by cash or cheque, leaving one Stroud tenant frustrated by the change of tact.

“Being a 78 year-old dinosaur, I do not have a debit card, and have no idea how to do  new fangled internet banking, so I’m in effect unable to pay this bill,” the pensioner told Stroud Times.

A Stroud District Council spokesperson said: “Stroud District Council, in line with many other councils and businesses, no longer accepts payment by cash or cheque. Many of our residents and business choose to pay for council services online or by phone. If anyone is unable to pay using these methods they can call our customer services team on 01453 766321 which will be able to help them.”

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