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Clare Honeyfield – autumn resolutions


Here we are in the last quarter of the year – possibly the most neglected period in terms of personal and business goals – I mean, whoever talks about ‘autumn resolutions’?

But how many of your new years’ resolutions became solid habits? How many did you keep to for 9 months?

Don’t feel bad, 80% of us had given up on them by February according to Forbes. My guess is that by October most of us can’t even remember what they were! 

If you are as frustrated as I was of the good intentions/failure/amnesia loop, I’ve made a discovery.

Having studied personal development for years and years, and having become absolutely obsessed with understanding how our habit life is influenced, I have mapped the route to building successful habits to achieve our goals. 

Our values are the motivation and inspiration which keep us repeating the tiny habits which build our life goals from the ground up. And there’s a simple formula to working out how to be more aligned with your own values, and how this can help you stay on track with your life goals.

And I speak as someone whose goals four years ago were to qualify as a Yoga teacher after an 800-hour training, to write more, to buy a house and to work as a coach. All things I’ve achieved using this formula.

Because I’m so excited by this method, I am running a free zoom masterclass on Monday 10th October from 6pm to 8pm to help you smash the last quarter of 2022 and hit the ground running in 2023. It’s an opportunity for you to discover why your attempts at achieving your goals keep repeatedly failing, and to get all the tools you need to start again, get focus, get direction and get success.  You can message me on any of my socials to join us. 

Clare Honeyfield is a success coach and published author working with women to build their ethical businesses. Clare has a 25-year track record of setting up and running successful award-winning social businesses and has worked with many thousands of women business owners to help them get focus, get direction and get success. 

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