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Congratulations: Stroud MP announces new arrival


Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie has given birth to her second child – a girl.  

The arrival took place at Gloucester Royal Hospital. Siobhan and her daughter – weighing 8lb 7oz – were then taken to Stroud Maternity Hospital. Mother and baby are doing well.

The family has yet to announce the baby’s name.  

“My husband and I are delighted to announce the arrival of a sister for our first child and the whole family is thrilled with the new arrival, who is just gorgeous,” said Ms Baillie.

“I cannot thank the Gloucester Royal and Stroud Maternity teams enough, along with my midwife and GP surgery in Frampton on Severn.  I have been really fortunate to have such consistently good care throughout the pregnancy.  

“I know the vast majority of people will now understand that I want to take time to bond with my daughter over the coming weeks before I come back to work representing Stroud, the Valleys and Vale.  

“As we are fast approaching summer recess and then conference recesses, I will not miss much Parliament time. I also have a proxy vote so that I can still participate in voting on legislation.  

“I have total faith in my experienced team of caseworkers, researchers and parliamentary assistants to continue to work helping anyone who contacts them while I take this important time off.  Please continue to get in touch.  

“I would also like to thank everyone for all the good wishes and kind words that I have received in recent months.   They mean a lot to my husband and I. I have loved hearing local stories about families and children being born, whenever I am at home from Parliament.”

Ms Baillie will now be on four weeks’ maternity leave.  During this time, she will not monitor emails or her phone unless there is an emergency and social media will be limited.  Her staff will be at work as usual in both the Stroud constituency office and at Westminster dealing with constituents’ needs and parliamentary work.

This means constituents’ enquiries, casework, questions to ministers and campaigns will continue to receive full attention from her team as usual, including holding meetings and surgeries where necessary.

Fellow Gloucestershire MPs are also available to step in to assist her team and raise matters in Parliament, if necessary. 

MPs are entitled to take up to 12 months’ maternity leave but some choose to take only a limited amount of that allowance.  

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