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Cross-party administration elected to run Stroud District Council for another year


Stroud District Council will continue to be run by councillors from four political groups, following its annual meeting.

Council Leader Catherine Braun (Green) and Deputy Leader Natalie Bennett (Independent Left) will continue in their respective posts for the forthcoming civic year, joined by leader of the Community Independents Robin Drury-Layfield and Liberal Democrat leader Ken Tucker, with the four political groups forming the alliance which runs Stroud District Council.

All members were formally elected to committees and external organisations at the annual meeting of the council on Thursday, May 18.  Councillors also welcomed the newest member, Cllr Gary Luff (Green), who was elected just the previous day to represent the Painswick & Upton ward.

SDC Deputy Leader Cllr Natalie Bennett left and SDC Leader Cllr Catherine Braun right 1 | Cross-party administration elected to run Stroud District Council for another year
SDC Deputy Leader Cllr Natalie Bennett (left) and SDC Leader Cllr Catherine Braun (right)

“As an administration, we are focused on serving local residents and businesses, and working to create a fairer, greener district, as set out in our Council Plan,”  said Councillor Braun, after the meeting.

Councillor Bennett added: “The three main Council Plan priorities of Environment and Climate Change, Community Resilience and Wellbeing, and Economy, Recovery and Regeneration underpin everything we do as a council and I am looking forward to achieving more of our priorities and objectives which will benefit every resident and business in our district.”

Doina Cornell is the new Chair of Council, taking over from Councillor Steve Robinson who has served as Chair for two years. Norman Kay was elected to continue in the role of Vice Chair.

The meeting can be viewed in full online: https://stroud.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=143&MId=1341

All Stroud District Council seats will be up for election on May 2, 2024.

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