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Dale Vince reveals he would support Wimbledon Centre Court protest


Forest Green chairman and Ecotricity chief Dale Vince admitted he would finance climate activists to protest on the iconic Centre Court of Wimbledon.

The leftfield eco-warrior was a studio guest at Talksport this morning and was asked on the Jim White and Simon Jordan show if he would fund disruptive action at the home of British tennis, he responded: “I think I probably would! It’s not reckless and dangerous, it’s disruptive, which is the point.”

Vince also commented on the track invasion at the beginning of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday, when Five protesters stormed the Wellington Straight – the fastest point of the Northamptonshire track – before sitting down during the opening lap of Sunday’s race.

The contest had already been suspended following Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu’s high-speed crash, but a number of cars sped by as the group, understood to be from climate activists Just Stop Oil, launched their protest.

They were swiftly dragged away by marshals to cheers from the watching crowd.

Vince added: “The guys that did this were very brave actually. I think the risk to the drivers was minimal, you saw the huge accident the Chinese driver was involved in and the halo saved his life – I think colliding with a person isn’t going to probably have much impact on the driver, but there was a risk and they put themselves at much greater risk than the drivers and they caused a little bit of disruption but listen what else can we do, the government isn’t listening and doing the right thing.”

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