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Deeney delivers damning verdict on Forest Green flops


In a cataclysmic post-match interview, embittered Forest Green boss Troy Deeney has chucked his players under the proverbial bus.

With a return to non-league football an almost certainty, Deeney blew his top, turning the Sir Alex Ferguson hairdryer on his powder-puff side after their 2-0 reverse at the New Lawn to Harrogate Town, leaving Rovers anchored to the bottom of the League Two table..

Speaking to BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Billy Hunt, he raged: “The first half was boring. I’d prefer to watch Antiques Roadshow than watch that.”

Deeney continued his rant as he turned his fire on midfielder Reece Brown: “Reece Brown is 28 years-old and my senior midfielder and can’t turn up to work on time. That’s a simple one but Reece is my senior leader of pros and that’s what he does. What example does that set? It’s a continuation of nonsense. It won’t be tolerated.”

To listen to the unabridged Deeney bombshell with Billy Hunt, click the link below.

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