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Documentary series focusses on challenges faced by Gloucestershire police


A six-part series airs on national television tomorrow and focusses exclusively on Gloucestershire Constabulary.

A knifepoint carjacking and the coordinated police response that led to the robber being put behind bars within hours is just one of the stories featured in the first of a brand-new Channel 5 series following the Constabulary’s night shift.

Police: Night Shift 999 begins at 9pm on Monday, February 14th. Officers, staff and police dogs from Gloucester and Cheltenham Local Policing Teams, specialist operations, neighbourhood policing, custody and force control room feature throughout the series, which gives a unique insight into frontline policing after dark.

Stories cover crimes including disorder and violence, armed robbery, burglary, drink drive and drugs possession, as well as other forms of anti-social behaviour.

The observational documentary was filmed between October and November last year and combines footage shot by directors while out with officers on patrol, police body worn video and interviews with officers who responded to the incidents.

Chris Jackson, External Communications Manager for the Constabulary said: “Taking part in the documentary was an opportunity to give the public a clearer picture of the challenges our frontline officers and staff face.

“It also means you get to know our officers as people, understand what is going through their minds when they are responding to often very difficult and dangerous situations and walk in their shoes a little.

“The first episode makes compelling viewing and highlights the wide range of skills officers have to demonstrate – whether it’s supporting a distraught victim, containing the erratic behaviour of a man under the influence of drugs or bringing the pursuit of a dangerous offender to a safe conclusion.

“Crime is generally very low in this county but crime does happen and these incidents, which are a fair representation of what we saw over a six-week period, are often dealt with by these officers in what can seem relentless work.

“Despite that their dedication, public service motivation and humour comes across throughout. If you’re interested in joining the force or just policing in the county then please watch. “My thanks to the officers and staff involved and to the production team at Crackit for their professionalism throughout.”

Video trailer courtesy of Channel 5/Crackit 

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