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Dr Roz Savage MBE to stand for Liberal Democrats in Painswick and Upton


For the first time in several years, the Liberal Democrats have a candidate standing for Painswick and Upton in the upcoming Stroud by-election on May 17th.

Dr Roz Savage MBE will contest the vacancy on Stroud District Council created by the resignation of Conservative councillor Jason Bullingham, in a bid to enhance the current District Council alliance with an additional, collaborative Liberal Democrat voice.

Roz has been a well-known campaigner for many years. Twelve years ago she completed a series of epic solo ocean rowing voyages, across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans to raise awareness of our environmental issues, and she has continued to be a strong, passionate authority on societal and economic issues through her blogs, podcasts, talks and books.

While her deeply-rooted desire to help make the world a better place has always had a voice through her adventures, writing and speaking, she is now entering the political arena in order to bring about positive, practical integrated change through the system.

Roz is running her campaign on three clear and simple commitments.

“I commit to listen when you tell me what our community needs. I commit to put all my energy into our community’s wellbeing. I commit to serving your best interests.”

Roz has spent several busy weeks out and about on the streets of Painswick and Upton St Leonard’s, meeting many local residents and business owners.

“I promised to listen to your stories and I’m hearing a number of key issues that you are sharing with me, that impact you on a daily basis. Just a few examples of your concerns include the parking situation in Painswick, the problems preventing the sports facility at Cooper’s Edge from opening, and the unbearable motorway noise in Upton St Leonard’s. The recent news that the Painswick Centre is due to face partial closure in June is of great concern to me, and I am already in contact with the team there to find out what can be done in the immediate short term to save our centre.

Roz’s three campaign watchwords are Commitment, Community and Competence.

“As your District Councillor I will ensure that your concerns are not just heard, but put high on the agenda to find solutions and bring about change, so our community can truly thrive. In all my expeditions I demonstrated my no-nonsense, competent approach to getting things done – and that is the same energy and commitment that I will bring as I address the things that matter most to you.”

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