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Ecotricity boss seeks to end hunt kennel cruelty


Outraged Ecotricity chief Dale Vince is calling for the end of animal cruelty as his undercover cameras exposed dogs and other animals being killed to power British homes.

The story, revealed exclusively in an ITV News Report last night, comes from a six-month undercover investigation funded by Vince.

Puppies and adult dogs that are deemed unsuitable for hunting are shot and thrown in bins that are taken to power stations. Footage showed foxes, badgers and partridges also being dumped into open bins.

Vince said: “We identify as a nation of animal lovers – we love cats and dogs. It was only a few weeks ago that our Prime Minister stepped in to personally save the lives of less than 200 dogs and cats from potential harm at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Meanwhile many thousands of dogs suffer in our country at the hands of the hunting fraternity. I wonder if he’ll intervene to save them?”

“Millions of Brits will be shocked and disgusted to discover how hunts are treating their dogs and will be horrified to find out their lights might be puppy powered.”

Following the investigation, a crowd funder to support further investigations into cruelty at hunt kennels has been launched – with Vince pledging to match every pound donated.

Click here to view the crowd funder page.

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