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End of an era: popular Stroud trader steps away


Independent trader Pete Blythe will step away from Cornflower and Calico in the new year.

Pete first opened the popular shop on Stroud High Street in 2011, leaving behind his landscape gardening career to sell products of beauty, and style, sourcing products from as close as 100 meters up the road to all around the world Pete created a shop that stocked pressed glass cake stands, enameled mugs, ironmongery, oak peg rails, kitchen roller towels and much more.

Pete said: “As of 1st January next year, I will be stepping away from Cornflower and Calico. I opened the shop in February 2011 and from that moment all you wonderful people of Stroud started to shop with me.  

“In the beginning, I ran the shop on my own six days a week. Jacqueline soon came onboard with her visual merchandising and buying skills. Then came Etta with her photography and digital marketing skills. Together the three of us have worked as a team to grow the shop into what it is today. I am delighted that the two of them will be taking over Cornflower and Calico.

image 6483441 2 | End of an era: popular Stroud trader steps away

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say good luck to them both; please continue to support them as you have done me. They share the sustainable, ethical, reusable ethos which has always underpinned Cornflower and Calico, and I am confident they will continue to provide our customers with the same level of service and array of fantastic products.

image 6483441 1 | End of an era: popular Stroud trader steps away
The early days of Cornflower and Calico

“And from me, goodbye and thank you for your invaluable support. Stroud is a remarkable town with an eclectic mix of independent shops, owning one of these shops has opened my eyes to the importance of our High Streets.”

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