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Meet Stroud’s Christmas Day baby


A Stroud family received a very special Christmas gift when their healthy baby boy was born on Sunday at Stroud Maternity Unit.

Kim Creus, from Brimscombe, gave birth to her second child in the Willow Room having taken the short trip from home to the midwife-led unit. The baby boy, weighing in at 7lb 8oz, was born at 7.52pm. Kim and dad Edward are carefully considering names.

Kim said: “My contractions started quite early on Christmas morning and I went about the day as best I could while monitoring the situation. 

“Given the circumstances, we were always planning on having a quiet day. We managed to get out for a bike ride and enjoyed some chicken pie for lunch before the contractions moved on. 

Christmas Day baby 2 SMU | Meet Stroud's Christmas Day baby
Jasper, dad Edward and baby boy

“When I arrived at the unit, Isobel, the midwife, put me at such ease. It really is a beautiful environment to give birth. I was so relaxed – I had the baby within one hour and 16 mins. I can’t speak highly enough of the facility or the staff. They do such an incredible job and in such a caring manner. I’d like to sincerely thank them for making my birth so special.” 

Alex Lloyd, lead midwife at Stroud, added: “It’s always difficult to predict with any certainty when a baby will be born although when it is on Christmas Day it does make for an extraordinary feeling. It’s a time of hope and renewed optimism and I’d like to congratulate Kim and the family on their new baby boy.” 

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