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Fashion show highlights Stroud High School’s diversity


By Sarah Hafner, Year 11 student

Many schools across the country host a wealth of diversity, and Stroud High School is no exception.

Wanting to celebrate the wide range of cultures found within the school community, the SHS Diversity Prefects collaborated to create Stroud High Culture Week. Many different cultural events took place during the week. These included a Cultural Fair, cake sale, assembly, special lunch menu and much more. As part of these activities, students were able to raise £200 for the Equal Rights Trust.

The highlight of Stroud High School’s Culture Week was the Cultural Fashion Show. This involved students from all years wearing outfits to represent cultures of their choice, walking the catwalk and celebrating the diversity of the school community.

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A wide variety of different cultures was represented. This included Spain, Poland, Ireland, France, Scotland, America, Australia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Arab, Nepal, India, China, Bangladesh, Bengal, Armenia, Japan, and Punjab. Every person and outfit told a story. 

Mark McShane, the Headteacher, said: “I am so pleased that our students have wanted to celebrate so many cultures here at school. Our Diversity Ambassadors have done a great job leading the week and the fashion show today gave us the chance to learn about so many cultures through traditional and modern cultural clothes.“

After weeks of preparation, the big event took place on Friday 4 March, with Year 7 and 8 students watching from the audience. 

By Sarah Hafner, Year 11 student

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