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Festival provides a ‘heart-warming’ start to Christmas


St Laurence’s Church in Stroud was full of the sights and scents of the season when it hosted its Christmas Tree Festival.

“The 2022 Stroud Christmas Tree Festival was a huge success with 99 beautiful, imaginative trees from charities, WIs, local businesses, playgroups, schools and many others,” said Camilla Hale, one of the event’s organisers.

Christmas tree festival 9 | Festival provides a 'heart-warming' start to Christmas
The church was filled with 99 Christmas trees. Picture: Ian Thomas.

“Four of the trees were memory trees, so important at this time of year. We opened on the Goodwill Evening and ran through to a final carol service on Sunday 11th – 10 days of music events with two concerts, two special services and around 24 other music performances given for free.

“Amazing volunteers welcomed, served hot drinks and built a warm atmosphere for just over 7,000 visitors. It has been heart-warming and, for many, a real start to Christmas.”

Pictures by Ian Thomas

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