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Five Valleys take a sustainable approach


Five Valleys shopping centre prides itself on taking a responsible and sustainable approach to the environment as well as creating a great place for customers to shop, eat and relax.

With Five Valleys working hard on its recycling policy the centre manages to recycle and repurpose 90-95% of its total waste.

Last year, Five Valleys recycled over 15 tonnes of cardboard. That is the equivalent of around three to four hippos, 50 grizzly bears or two to three Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dransfield Properties’ focus with Five Valleys is not only to regenerate this part of the town centre but to also contribute to regenerating the environment. The centre has already made great efforts to become greener by installing electric car charging points, having LED lighting on timers and ensuring good public transport links.

Five Valleys is constantly adapting and undergoing comprehensive redevelopment to better itself and become more sustainable. Last year, the centre introduced solar panels to the roof of the new Medical Practice and a ground-breaking 50KW hybrid air source heat pump system which converts air moisture into heating and cooling for the building, resulting in zero carbon being used.

Jack Simpson, Centre Manager for Five Valleys, said: “We are very proud of how far the centre has come with its efforts to become more environmentally friendly, but we won’t stop here.”

“There is always room for improvements when it comes to being environmentally conscious, so we will constantly adapt and improve our centre so it becomes as sustainable as possible.”

The centre’s food traders are also making great efforts to contribute towards its sustainable future. Traders within the Indoor Market are segregating their waste responsibly, using recyclable paper cups, takeaway boxes made from card, cutlery made from bamboo or wood and reducing food waste to an absolute minimum by employing careful food preparation techniques and repurposing where possible.

Waghornes Butchers have turned their waste into a brand-new product, using their leftover meat for their natural dog food, which has become extremely popular with the dog community. Similarly, Pershore Seafood also claim zero waste by keeping unsold waste back for customers to use in soups and stocks.

The Artisan Baker prides itself on being a member of the Too Good To Go initiative which offers a back-up option for surplus pastries, loaves and cakes ensuring these items do not go to waste.

For more information on our green credentials visit www.fivevalleysstroud.co.uk/green-credentials

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