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Four Global DJs get together for a world music dance ‘rave’


Four DJs with origins and influences from around the world have got together to put on a world music dance ‘rave’ this Easter weekend on Saturday, March 30th. 

Stroud Global Beats has assembled the DJ team to put on a very special night in the Gold Room at the Centre of Science & Art. Global Beats events are renowned for blending traditional ethnic music with more modern genres such as electronica, drum n bass, dub, garage and funk. 

DJ Camilo ( E Martinez), the South American Latin specialist , hails from Colombia and introduced Stroud to the Latin style music, Cumbia. He spent many years in Stroud, co-founding Barrio Sounds, before returning to Colombia.  His visit to Stroud culminates in the Global Beats party. 

IMG 2870 | Four Global DJs get together for a world music dance ‘rave’
Jagdish Patel

DJ Hotsauce is better known as Laurence Kapoor the events organiser at the Stroud Brewery, and prior to that,  at the Sub Rooms. Before putting on events, Laurence drew on his Indian heritage to DJ at parties, playing what he calls ‘Bad Boy’ Bhangra and dirty Reggaeton’ Together with Camilo he also founded Barrio Sounds putting on Latin music nights in Stroud. 

DJ Scaro-B (Oscar Everett), a talented acoustic guitarist, joins the Global Beats once again.  Undisputedly the king of mixing gypsy rhythms with garage beats and showcasing big bass Cubano.

JagP, (Jagdish Patel) Global Beats organiser, is described as the planetary sound explorer and loves to dive into a borderless musical journey playing  Arabic funk, Balkan, Afrobeat, Dub, and through raiding his mums record collection, Bollywood. 

Audience participation is encouraged with an extensive range of percussion instruments for people to rattle and bang on. Free bindis will be available on the door. All ages from 18 to 100 plus welcome!

Tickets for Global Beats can be purchased online from 


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