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GCSE success at Stroud High School


Students at Stroud High School have been celebrating success in their GCSE exams.

SHS 2 | GCSE success at Stroud High School
Jahoor Sembi celebrating with her family. She achieved all grade 9s in her GCSE results.

“The emotional scenes this morning was evidence enough of the uncertainty and challenges faced by our year 11 students over the past two years. Never has a GCSE cohort faced so many obstacles, and the success they have achieved has been simply extraordinary,” said headteacher Mark McShane.

SHS3 | GCSE success at Stroud High School
Kelley Chen is going on to study Maths, Chemistry Biology and EPQ at Stroud High Sixth Form, she received 7x9s, 1×8 and 1×7.

“Whilst they did not complete external GCSE examinations, they have completed the GCSE courses and the assessments to the very highest of standards. 35 per cent of entries were at grade 9 whilst 84 per cent were at grades 9-7. A wonderful set of headline figures made from so many individual stories of hard work, commitment, and determination.


SHS4 | GCSE success at Stroud High School
Poppy Littler Jennings received 9x9s: “It has been Tough journey but we’ll worth it. I am looking forward to studying French, History, English, Politics and an EPQ at Stroud High Sixth Form.”

 “So many students have excelled across all disciplines, achieving the highest grades. They really are a very special year group. As ever, my thanks go to the hard work of the entire staff body who have contributed to the experience these students have had for the past five years. A great team effort,” added the headteacher.

20210812 080913 | GCSE success at Stroud High School
Sophie King is going on to study A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and German at Stroud High Sixth Form

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