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Goodbye 2021, hello 2022: Clare Honeyfield, business owner and life coach


Clare Honeyfield reveals her memorable moments from 2021 and hopes for 2022.

What was most memorable about 2021?

2021 was a year of discovery for me. I embraced wild swimming – or river dipping to be more accurate, after being invited to join a friend for a morning cold water experience. I’ve got quite into this and it’s something I intend to do more of in 2022. It’s hard to express in words the feeling of emerging from the river, but it’s the most invigorating and joyful thing!

I had attended a Wim Hoff workshop previously and I’m fascinated by the research into the health benefits of cold exposure. (Never do this alone or without plenty of research and always be safe).

During the winter lockdown (which seems so long ago) I completed the first draft of Artisan Stroud for The History Press, and my book launch at Stroud Book Festival was an absolute highlight of my life, let alone my year, as was interviewing Mary Portas about her new book ‘Rebuild – How to Thrive in the new Kindness Economy’ I was amazed at the hardships Mary has overcome to become the iconic figure she is today. This was something of a theme for me this year, and the focus of my book; the obstacles people overcome to achieve success. 2021 was also the year I was fortunate to be invited to be part of an international coaching mastermind group. Meeting weekly on zoom together has helped me to keep my focus, stay positive and see the potential for growth and contribution in every situation that life throws at me.

Accountability is such a powerful tool in my life and I’m lucky to have some great mentors and coaches to learn from.

What are your hopes and plans for 2022?

In 2022 I’m looking forward to running a free 5-day online challenge in January, and in February running my 6-week online course for women who want to move beyond procrastination and self-sabotage.

I’m also looking forward to working on my own fitness goals with a personal trainer and hopefully teaching yoga face to face again. (Although there is always zoom) I feel I’ve been very fortunate this year and it’s been wonderful to be able to give back to several charities through The Made in Stroud Shop including Stroud Refuge, Stroud Food Bank, a Syrian humanitarian charity and a charity rescuing dogs from Romania.

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