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Great Western Air Ambulance Charity receives funding


The Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) has been awarded their first grant through grants matching platform, Brevio, to cover its core costs. 

Like the other charitable Air Ambulance services across the UK, GWAAC receives no government or NHS funding – and is entirely dependent on  charitable donations – to be able to provide vital life-saving services to the public. 

In 2020 GWAAC responded to 1726 emergencies and helped on average 5 patients requiring urgent life-saving medical care a day across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire. It costs around £2,000 for each individual mission. 

Unlike traditional ambulance services, the Air Ambulance has to perform a variety of unexpected procedures in the field with incidents varying from cardiac arrests, serious traffic collisions resulting in trauma, to shootings and stabbings.  Their interventions make a difference between life and death for many patients. This particular service keeps a mix of doctors, paramedics, and specialist consultants on their team, ready to perform literally roadside surgery when required. Their mission is to bring care directly to the patient, rather than the patient to care. 

To provide the best care possible and hire the best medical specialists and equipment for the job, GWAAC is in constant need of funding, both for core needs such as equipment and costs of running, as well as specific research projects, and are on a constant lookout for new ways to fundraise. The whole sophisticated operation including staff & helicopter costs £4M per year. 

Most recently they utilised Brevio,  a grants matching platform that allows charities and non-profits to create a profile and add specific funding needs. Funders, on their side of the platform, outline their grant criteria, which matches them to organisations they wouldn’t normally come across. 

Kate Baldwin, Trusts & Grants Fundraising Coordinator at GWAAC said that “Brevio gives us the opportunity to present our funding needs to potential supporters who are otherwise hard to reach”.

Brevio has said: “We are so pleased that incredible services like GWAAC who strive for the best possible team and delivery of vital care under immense pressure are able to be matched for vital funding using our platform.”

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