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How to find success as a mother-daughter business team


After a pandemic that has disproportionately affected female lead businesses for the past 2 years, this family company is getting back on track and ready to launch full force into the business of empowering the nation’s female business owners. 

The pandemic gave these three women a chance to truly evaluate the situation for fellow businesswomen and although the business was doing well before the pandemic, things certainly started to shift in these individuals when seeing how so many women were struggling. This is when the three family members decided to go into business together. With one daughter leaving employment and the other stepping out of a career break after having children, to join forces with their mum’s company – Women’s Business Club. These three women are on a mission!

“One of the biggest things that keep us together in business is our shared vision and shared values,” said Lorah-Kelly, Creative Director and mum of two. 

It was vision that brought these women together during the pandemic and their individual passion matched the company mission, working together made sense and being family was an added bonus. Together they campaign for a cause that matters to them and say that even if they weren’t in business together the cause would still be something that would get their attention. 

The team all have very different personalities and although their strength is that their skill and personalities complement each other, they have admitted at times they clash. A key that Angela brought up is that she can’t pull the ‘mommy card’ when there is a clash, she has to separate how she would deal with a family clash to how she deals with a business clash but says that she has learned to be a better mother too because of this. She has learned to listen and respect their individual opinions rather than bulldoze them with the ‘mother authority’.  

It’s no secret that the pandemic of 2020 brought to light a plethora of disparities for women as they shouldered the brunt of home schooling and housekeeping whilst still trying to hold on to careers or businesses. This all-female, all-family team stood in defiance and with a joint vision and started 2022 with a renewed determination to see change for women. A shared vision and value set brought them through the toughest two years this generation has seen, and still continues to bind them together to keep going, no matter what.

Angela’s second daughter and the company’s Business Development Manager said: “As much as working well together and being attuned is key to this successful team, separation is key too.” 

“We take ownership over our departments and are trusted as professionals to make important decisions based on our specific expertise. It’s a tough balance to strike in any company, but particularly working with a parent as you need to have that separation on a professional level to drive the business forward. Ultimately we are here because of our individual expertise and we bring those together for a shared vision.” 

It’s clear to see that the company relies on each person doing their job well! And Angela has made it very clear that her children are in the company because they are the best women for the job!  

She says “I employed them based on their incredible skills first and foremost, they truly are gifted in their specific fields. I would not have compromised the business just to work with my children, that is not a good way to do business.” 

Working well together as mother and daughter is only truly successful if that personal relationship is strong. 

It can be hard to separate work life and personal life, so it is important to take care of that personal relationship outside of work. 

Angela says “I absolutely love working with my daughters but have fought fiercely not to let work take over but to keep my role as a mother as the priority.” 

The team has made a point of keeping work and family life separate – during the week Angela is Angela, outside of work she becomes “mum” again. Some practical ways they set boundaries are things like separate WhatsApp groups chats for work or business, not checking company communications outside of working hours and putting a focus on spending family time together outside of work and having FUN! 

Together mother and daughters took up the plight of women just like them to help address work-life balance, the gender pay gap, flexible working and confidence to name but a few of the issues women face on a daily basis in the world of business. 

Looking ahead, the family team is excited about their plans to expand into North America and South Africa in the coming years, reaching as many women as possible with encouragement and practical training both in-person and online. 

About Women’s Business Club

Women’s Business Club hosts the Women’s Business Conference & Awards and exists to empower women to succeed in business. The vibrant global network was founded by Angela De Souza who wanted to set up a business network that she would like to attend where she felt comfortable being herself and accepted as a woman in business. From the very first event in January 2013 to today, the club has stayed true to its calling to serve business women and supporting them in their growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership.

More at https://www.womensbusiness.club

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