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New improv comedy & theatre class for Stroud – you couldn’t make it up!


A brand new class is beginning next month in Stroud where you can learn how to improvise comedy and drama.

The drop-in improv classes for adults, run by improviser Rebecca MacMillan, begin on 4th May. They are suitable for everyone – even complete beginners. The sessions take place in the Sub Rooms 8 pm – 9.30 pm.

Rebecca has been improvising for eighteen years, and has performed all over the UK at Fringe festivals and theatres, and also beyond in Europe and even in Chicago – regarded as the home of improv comedy worldwide – with award-winning improv company The Maydays amongst others. She also regularly performs in Bristol’s cult improvised soap opera Closer Each Day. She has lived in Stroud for six years and has previously run courses and performed improvised shows (with Impromptu Shakespeare) in the town, but now wants to run ongoing drop-in classes to build an improv community in Stroud.

“People often tell me that having to stand up in front of people and make stuff up is their worst nightmare, and this can actually be why some people come in the first place – because they really want to push themselves confidence-wise.

” I aim for my teaching practice to be very gentle and the techniques that you learn in improvisation do help with confidence but also they can be powerfully creative, intensely playful, and highly enjoyable. It is really so much fun. You really don’t have to be clever and funny to be able to do it – there are many aspects of improvisation and everyone has the innate ability to improvise even if they find some aspects easier than others. I have been teaching improv for quite a few years and the number of people who have found it helped them overcome personal and creative blocks, or set them on a new path, is really remarkable.

“I think partly this is because improvisation allows us to go back and re-learn how to play, and renewing those pathways in our brains mean improv can be a catalyst for change. Improvisers also tend to be a lovely bunch of people so I wanted to create a sense of community among people in the town who love improv or are yet to discover they love it with an ongoing class!”

Although the classes will be on a drop-in basis, so you can come to individual sessions as and when you fancy, booking beforehand is recommended and can be made via https://thesubrooms.co.uk/whats-on/improv-classes-with-rebecca-macmillan-463

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