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Important news regarding Stroud Market


Stroud’s popular vegan market will take place on Easter Sunday.

The market is usually scheduled for the fourth Sunday of each month, but organisers have decided to switch from March 24th to Easter Sunday, March 31st.

Organiser Gerb Gerbrands said: “After discussions with stallholders, the organisers were made aware that their idea not to trade on Easter Sunday, but on the fourth Sunday instead, would see the market clash with the quarterly vegan event in Cirencester.

“At this stage of the establishing the Stroud vegan market, this feels like a bad idea, because many of our regular stallholders are going to Cirencester so wouldn’t be able to be in Stroud. Equally, we don’t want to undermine either event by having them on the same day, if it can be avoided.

“So, come and join us for an egg and dairy free Easter Sunday at Stroud Vegan Market.”

The market takes place at the Cornhill Market Square from 10am to 3pm.

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