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Inspirational mum hosts book launch at Sub Rooms


An inspirational Stroud mum is set to launch her book at the Sub Rooms this Sunday, which she hopes will inspire others going through a personal crisis.

Gifts from the Heart of the Storm is launching to help parents with children who have health issues, disabilities, or sensory differences. Charlie Mitchell – self-publisher, uses her own story to help others going through a crisis. 

A mum of 3, Charlie’s life changed in an instant a year ago when she took her youngest son, who has Down Syndrome, to A&E in Gloucester only to find out a few hours later that he had leukaemia.

Charlie said: “Everything turned upside down’ says Charlie. ‘We were transferred to Bristol Children’s Hospital the next day to begin treatment and stayed there for 3 months.”

With no visitors allowed due to Covid restrictions, not being able to see her other 2 children (one of which has autism and anorexia), Charlie’s only respite came from a Macmillan Respite Nurse. Charlie, also a widow of 4 years, put pen to paper to express her feelings during this stressful time, and a healing story emerged.

She added: “I know parents can have such a wide range of emotions when there is a crisis. It can feel overwhelming, isolating, with no idea who to turn to or how to manage the ups and downs. I also know it’s possible to heal and even feel joy, amongst the challenges.

“The more parents are able to heal and grow from their experiences, the more capacity they have to support their children to develop and flourish.”

The launch will take place on March 20th.

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