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King Charles III and Queen Camilla spend night at Highgrove House in Tetbury after Coronation


Breaking Royal protocol, the newly crowned King and Queen spent their first night at home in Tetbury.

Footage caught by Rachel Burton shows a cavalcade of police cars, bikes and Range Rovers escorting King Charles III and Queen Camilla in a Bentley State Limousine as they passed the Tetbury Market house towards their home at Highgrove House.

Watch the King and Queen pass through Tetbury in the video below

Rachel, who works at the Snooty Fox Hotel, and captured the King and Queen passing through Tetbury, said: “I’m very proud and delighted that they’ve come back to Tetbury. We are all very proud of our King at the Snooty Fox.”

Tetbury resident Claire Eugster was out walking her dog in Tetbury when she spotted the King and Queen, she said: “I just popped out to walk my dog and saw the King and Queen and their convoy drive past. It was an amazing sight and I wasn’t expecting it all. Camilla’s hair looked beautiful, but the procession was over in a minute so I didn’t see that much.”

The King and Queen were crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday,

In an elaborate and archaic ritual not seen in Britain since 1953, the king was anointed with holy oil and swore the oath of kings, before the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, placed St Edward’s crown on his head, to a cry of “God save the king”.

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