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Letter to the editor: ‘appalled’ at emergency road repairs


Dear editor,

I and many others were shocked and appalled by a road crew making ‘emergency’ repairs to the A4171 Stratford Road in Stroud today. Mind you, we had to wait for a long time before even getting close to the repair site.

There was:

  • no warning of any road closure,
  • no light or human flow control

Thus, traffic built up in both directions around Tesco’s (opposite Stratford Park). The town was at a standstill, judging by Google maps showing traffic some time afterwards.

I am surprised that this stretch of road needed repair as it has had attention (and closure) several times already this year. Perhaps the original repair wasn’t properly done?

Does anyone take responsibility for coordinating traffic in this part of the county? 

The town desperately needs some road management.

Rob Wilson,

Uplands, Stroud

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