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Letter to the Editor: dog walkers please be mindful


Dear Editor,

Many thanks to  A Brinsford in highlighting the shocking decline in skylark numbers, and also for putting forward a most effective remedy to help stem or reverse this decline on Rodborough Common.

Dog walkers are amongst those who probably value the beauty of the
Common the most, and who are uplifted by the sight and sound of the
skylarks. They may well be horrified to learn that they are contributing
unwittingly to the drastic decline of the skylark by allowing their dogs
to run free. Perhaps as a community they could join together to respect
the skylark and take the simple measures, as suggested, of sticking to
the paths, and keeping their dogs on leads during the nesting season?

They would then, along with A Brinsford, be both the spearhead and
beneficiaries of such an action campaign.

Roma Walker

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