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Letter to the editor: save the Subs’ hornbeam tree


There are some Stroud Town Council plans to level the front of the forecourt which will include felling the hornbeam.

This tree was already well established when I arrived in Stroud forty-odd years ago.  It is the only mature tree in the town centre. 
Sometimes in the late afternoon or early evening, it can be seen absolutely alive with hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of pied wagtails gathering to roost.  A wonderful sound and sight!

Around 1990 SDC planned to remove the tree but an instant backlash from
local people saw the tree saved.

The tulip shape of this type of hornbeam means it is termed ‘fastigiate’.  So the Subs’ forecourt has a fastigiate hornbeam and this variety is widely sold as being suitable for urban environments, as you will see from a brief look at tree nurseries on the internet.

Also on the internet, the Woodland Trust says hornbeams can live for over
300 years.

Hope you can help to ‘Save The Subs Hornbeam!’

Thanks a lot,
Ron Birch

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