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Letter to the Editor: we oldies can be part of the solution


Dear Editor,

I am very sorry that I will not be able to join in the peaceful protest against investing our council taxes in fossil fuels at Shire Hall this Friday.

That is what the County Pensions Committee continues to do. £100 million of the county pension fund paid for from our council taxes are invested in fossil fuel companies. 

With grey hair and well past retirement age, I’m well on my way to being a ‘fossil’. I will be dead before the climate crisis is at its worst.  I know that many others with grey hair share my concern about the climate emergency. Young people need to know that we, fossils, have their back. It may be a bigger problem for them but we oldies can be part of the solution.

I am particularly concerned about the future for my granddaughter and my nephews’ and nieces’ children. I want to encourage other ‘fossils’ to turn out quietly on Friday morning to make their concern visible – and to protest about the County Pension Committee’s £100 million fossil fuel investments.

Please join other ‘fossils against fossil fuels’ outside Shire Hall in Gloucester on Friday morning at 9.30am.

Alan Mossman


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