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Madness! Suggs at the Subs


By Jonathan Duckworth

A touch of nutty royalty come to Stroud on Thursday, as Madness singer Suggs chatted, laughed, and sang through a great evening at The Sub Rooms.

Suggs engaged his audience as he meandered from mimicking King Cnut to
celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee on the roof of
Buckingham Palace.

Along the way were personal anecdotes, of his growing up, his family and how Madness formed, helping him and his mates out of a happy but tough background.

  • Suggs Oct 06 2022 PA060451 | Madness! Suggs at the Subs
  • Suggs Oct 06 2022 PA060410 | Madness! Suggs at the Subs
  • Suggs Oct 06 2022 PA060173 | Madness! Suggs at the Subs

Suggs was quite self-deprecating, relating how being well-known was double-edged, with famous opportunities and famous put-downs.

Suggs played a number of his and Madness’s songs, but this was way more
than a musical night, it was an entertaining personal insight into Suggs
and his world.

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