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Magnificent seven – meet your new town councillors


Stroud Town Council has seven new councillors following the local election.

They are: Kate Crewes (Central), Liz Child (Farmhill and Paganhill), Sally-Anne Wherry (Farmhill and Paganhill), Mark Graham (Trinity), Gill Tavner (Uplands), Mick Fealty (Valley) and Naomi Marion Seffar (Valley).

They replace seven councillors who together had provided 62 years’ service to the community, and especially John Marjoram who has been on the town council since its foundation 31 years ago.

The seven are: John Marjoram, Simon Arundel, Jess McQuail, Chas Townley, John Bloxsom, Vanessa Price and Alan Sage.

At the Annual Town Meeting, Councillor Kevin Cranston was unanimously elected Mayor of Stroud for the seventh time in a row. Councillor Camilla Hale was unanimously elected as Deputy Mayor.

Councillor Cranston thanked the retiring councillors for all they had done for their wards and their part in helping Stroud to be the brilliant place that is.

He also welcomed the new councillors who will bring fresh energy to taking Stroud forward to new heights as we come out of Lockdown.

“I am particularly pleased that the Town Council is now gender balanced and the average age has come down,” he said.  “I am no longer the average age but one of the oldest, so it is time to start the hand over to the next generation.

“The past year has been challenging for us all but Stroud has risen to that challenge magnificently and I am really proud of the way that our staff have continued to deliver all of the services and support to the community that we did pre Covid.

“Our priorities for the next year are to support businesses, community groups and the cultural activities in the town as we ease out of lockdown, to work towards getting the town to be Carbon Zero by 2030 and to listen to the people of Stroud who placed their trust in us to look after the town.”

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