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Mean on Sunday: I agree with Dale Vince’s carbon-neutral ethos


Two months after the end of COP 26 in Glasgow-the United Nations Climate Change Conference companies are now keen to get on their own paths to net-zero.

And here at Business West, we are finding that companies are becoming increasingly motivated to cut their carbon.

Our latest survey had found that 70% of 400 companies in the South West region were determined to get on the net-zero path but wanted direction.

That is why we are now responding to those company appeals for help.

As a company, Business West is now carbon-neutral and developing our own path to net-zero.

But this is not easy-particularly for small firms-and we must be realistic about what is achievable in a difficult  economic climate.

We do not profess to have all the answers.

And we must work together with our local councils to ensure that we do simple things well.

Councils must not impose unrealistic principles which cause businesses pain.

I have to agree with Ecotricity’s boss, Dale Vince, perhaps the UK’s most vociferous net-zero campaigner from Stroud, who says that simplicity is the answer for businesses to make real inroads in cutting their carbon.

Over the coming months, Business West is working with our business community to identify the support most needed to develop a series of lunch and learn events to help companies get on their net-zero road.

The first activity is a virtual event on Tuesday, January 25th, and will inform companies about B Corp accreditation which Business West has recently gained.

Our carbon-neutral target was one of the key factors that enabled us to reach BCorp’s benchmark score. We now want to help other companies to reach the B Corp standards aimed at balancing profit with people and the planet.

And Business West Chamber members companies  will talk us through benefits and how they are helping businesses  carbon cutting plans.

Already, the January 25th event has had a big response. To join the event, go to: https://www.businesswest.co.uk/events/b-corp-how-why-and-who

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