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The complete guide to renewing your vows


Budding romantics hoping to reaffirm their love for one another often choose to renew their vows.

Couples wanting to relive the cherished moments from their original wedding day are being assisted by jeweller Ingle & Rhode who have rounded up their top tips for the perfect vow renewal ceremony.

With many wedding ceremonies being held back in the last couple of years due to covid restrictions, weddings and vow renewals of the future are set to be bigger and better than ever before.

Jeweller Tim Ingle, of Ingle & Rhode, said: “Weddings are beautiful and emotional occasions, with feelings of joy and partnership that can be recreated in vow renewal ceremonies. 

“Following a flurry of covid weddings and restricted ceremonies, we predict that vow renewal ceremonies will be on the rise, giving the wedded couples a chance to live out their true dream weddings with all of their family and friends in larger and more extravagant venues. 

“Whatever the couple choose to do on the day, it is important to remember that vow renewals can be extremely personal and do not come with a lot of the restrictions that weddings do, giving the couple total creative freedom on their special day.”

Why do couples renew their vows?

Couples seeking reaffirmation of their love towards their partner can choose to either renew their current vows or update them in a vow renewal ceremony. There are many reasons couples may choose to show their love in a ceremony, oftentimes it comes after a length of time of being married and is a chance for the loving couple to celebrate their love in front of family and friends. Perhaps the original wedding was smaller than pictured or was less extravagant due to financial setbacks or lockdown restrictions and now the couple want to achieve the ceremony of their dreams surrounded by their loved ones. 

When is the right time to renew?

Contrary to many who believe vows can only be renewed on 10 or 20 year anniversaries, the truth is no one can have input on this apart from the couple themselves! It is true, however, that milestone anniversaries often bring with them many feelings of nostalgia, warmth and love.

What does the ceremony include?

Vow renewal ceremonies differ to weddings by not including any legalities, couples often choose to hire a celebrant to make the occasion more formal. There are no real limitations in terms of day structure, venue, guests and the ceremony can be religious or non-religious depending on the couple’s preferences.

The ceremony itself can include poetry, readings, speeches, music, the exchange of gifts or flowers or something fitting and personal to the wedded couple. Modern vow renewals shouldn’t be restricted by traditions or formalities!

Do you need new rings?

Traditional weddings often revolve very much around the placing of wedding rings, which can be mirrored in the vow renewal through the re-dedication of rings. Some couples may choose to get some sort of engraving on their original wedding bands or new rings for the occasion.

Who should be invited?

Renewal ceremonies are much more intimate than weddings, often with very small guest lists. Couples can rest in peace knowing there is no expectation to invite distant relatives, estranged friends or colleagues and keep it to their closest loved ones. 

What is the dress code?

As the occasion can be as personalised as the couple desires, the dress code is up to interpretation. Couples can wear formal outfits, rework their original wedding garments or make it a more casual affair. The most important thing is to ensure that all guests are aware of the dress code and can follow suit. 


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