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Non Solo Pasta expand their reach


Non Solo Pasta is celebrating another milestone for their successful Italian food business as Gloucester Services has taken on some of its products. 

Their tasty arancini, in all flavours, including of bolognese with peas, beetroot and goat’s cheese as well as the famous Italian dessert – cannoli. 

The couple started selling authentic Italian food at the Farmers Market in Cirencester in 2018 and now boast a fixture at Stroud’s indoor Market, Five valleys, as well as plans for a restaurant. They are still a fixture at Cirencester’s market as well as Bath’s. 

Gloucester Services is not like any other roadside stop, celebrating creativity, farming and local produce. They have a fish counter, butchers and deli all located in their farm shop and now they have a Cotswold Italian element by stocking Non Solo Pasta. 

Matteo, from Rome, and Clara Conte, from Minturno, a little village on the coast between Rome and Naples have now expanded its operation to include two professional kitchens in only four years since establishing the company. 
They launched their brand Non Solo Pasta in 2018, with ambitions of sharing their Italian culture with the local area. Since then, the business has developed a reputation for great flavour and now has thriving locations in both Stroud and Cirencester, they employ three members of staff. 
 “Gloucester Services is renowned for its commitment to local producers so we are delighted to be included,” Matteo said. “The arancini has been so well received they have upped their order already.” 

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