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Opera at the Subs


Stroud Arts Festival has an exciting new event coming up on Sunday, April 24th at the Sub Rooms in Stroud. 

It’s a relaxed performance of extracts from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. This is a new venture for Stroud Arts Festival – and indeed for Stroud – bringing live opera to an audience often unable to access live music events of any sort.

Mozart’s masterpiece will be performed in English with Abigail Sudbury, soprano, Alistair Sutherland, baritone, and live accompaniment from an ensemble of musicians led by Dave Ayre. This is a special performance for people who have difficulty attending standard scheduled concerts. In a relaxed performance, there is no need to stay seated and silent. You can come and go as you please, move around – even join in! These wonderful performers are experienced at working with people who have special needs and can deliver a world-class concert which is truly relaxed and inclusive.

Free entry for those with additional needs, their carers and family.

It could also suit people who cannot access concerts in the evening.

Booking is essential and places are limited, so please book your tickets as soon as you can to ensure a place.  There are 2 shows – at 2pm and 3.30pm – each lasting approximately one hour.

This concert was due to take place last December but Covid concerns caused it to be re-scheduled. Covid safety measures will still be in place for this performance. 

About Stroud Arts Festival

Stroud Arts Festival is a charity promoting and supporting all types of artistic activities throughout the Stroud District. Founded in 1946, it’s the ‘grandparent’ of all the wonderful festivals this area has to offer.  It brings the best of music, poetry, drama, art and dance to Stroud and the Five Valleys.

In recent years we’ve brought live opera to Stroud with fully staged versions of some of the most famous works – La Boheme, La Traviatta, The Barber of Seville to name a few.  Always sung in English and skilfully adapted to suit our venues, we’ve introduced this art form to a new and enthusiastic audience.  Now we want to extend the same opportunity to people who have difficulty attending live concerts, for whatever reason.  These relaxed performances are designed to be informal and inclusive, without compromising on artistic quality and Stroud Arts Festival is committed to programming events like this in our future annual festival wherever possible.

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