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Parking problems concern shop owners


Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie will urge Stonehouse Town and Stroud District Councils to look at improving parking at the Barnard Parade and Regent Street area of Stonehouse.

The move comes after Ms Baillie met Sarah Jane Clutterbuck, who runs Sarah Jane Kitchens in Stonehouse last week.

It is one of around 10 businesses in the east end of Stonehouse that suffer from lack of car parking.  

Sarah Jane told the MP that potential customers arrive in Stonehouse and drive around looking for parking.  At least one customer ended up so frustrated that she drove home without attending the meeting because there was nowhere for her to park her car.

“I go to Stonehouse a lot and it can be difficult to park at times so I was not completely surprised to hear that independent businesses like Sarah Jane Kitchens have had such reports from customers, particularly if they are elderly or unable to walk far.  

“I will be asking the Town council to look back through their archives as businesses believe there were some good plans for the whole town that were not implemented.  The western end of Stonehouse received investment to improve the shared space area for cars, bikes and pedestrians but the east end near the brilliant Woolpack pub did not. ” said Ms Baillie.

“It is difficult to park in this area and independent businesses like Sarah Jane Kitchens need good support from authorities to help them trade.

“I am told that Stroud District council was supposed to review the use of all of their car parks some time ago.  Many of us fought to preserve free parking, which I think should be maintained but we need to understand how that is working for local people and businesses.  Stroud town still has no free parking and some areas such as Stonehouse say council car parks are used all day by people who travel elsewhere.  I think this needs looking at with jobs and town growth in mind.”

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