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Pictures: Stroud’s fabulous Festival of Wonder


Stroud’s Festival of Wonder, billed to inspire wonder in an age of exhaustion, offered festival goers a weekend of free activities centred around five free, spectacular circus performances.

Festival of Wonder 2023 25 | Pictures: Stroud’s fabulous Festival of Wonder
Folk On on stage

Held at St Laurence Church: Stroud Centre for Peace and the Arts, events included dance, comedy, magic and music performances, all intended to inspire and awaken a sense of wonder.

Festival of Wonder 2023 39 | Pictures: Stroud’s fabulous Festival of Wonder
Ambitions Dance and Drama

With more than 2,000 people visiting the event, festival organiser Phil Coysh told Stroud Times: “We are pleased to bring this free event to the Stroud community and delighted by the community interest and involvement as well as the amazing support of all our volunteers and funders that make this free festival possible. It has been an amazing, a truly wonderful, weekend.”

Pictures by Simon Pizzey

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