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Picture of the week: swanning around in Cherington


Photographer Verity Rivers captured this stunning image of her swimming partner at one with nature.

Verity regularly takes a dip with friends at Cherington Lake but made a quick dash to her iPhone when the swans appeared near her friend Yuliya Andrews.

Verity said: “I often swim here with girlfriends, as cold water has a medicinal calming effect on my mind. The swans often come up to us, so I stood waiting for them to swim beside her and framed the image so that it captured her reflection in the water. It’s a simple iPhone snap with a little tweaking in photoshop.”

Yuliya, a holistic and transformational coach felt enriched by the encounter, she added: “A pure state of consciousness is an ability to see through the ripples in the water, to see the stillness  and tranquillity beneath all the noise and all the distortion.”

To view Verity’s website, click HERE

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